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Breast shape and size is influenced by many factors: genetics, weight gain/loss, pregnancy and aging. Sometimes, the size, shape and proportions are not always what you envision for yourself. Cosmetic surgery provides the boost and lift you need in order to achieve the bust you want. Two very common breast procedures are augmentation mammoplasty and mastopexy: enlargement vs. lift. You may not need to choose between the two, however, if you can benefit from a combination of these procedures.

Breast Augmentation

This classic breast procedure increases breast size. The breast implants also improve the overall shape and projection of breasts. During the surgery, breast implants are placed within a pocket in the tissue of the breasts, providing lasting enlargement and enhancement.

Breast augmentation alone may be the right procedure for you if you want to address:

  • Size
  • Cleavage
  • Roundness/shape
  • Proportions of your upper and lower body
  • Breast projection from the chest
  • Symmetry 

Dr. Roth will help you choose breast implant type, size, shape and profile. All of these implant features lend to the final look of the breasts.

Breast Lift

Also called mastopexy, this procedure lifts sagging breasts. Oftentimes a woman interested in a breast lift wants to change drooping caused by:

  • Pregnancy
  • Breastfeeding
  • Aging
  • Weight loss
  • Genetics

A breast lif  alone cannot enlarge your breasts. It lifts them. In fact, you may find that you can wear a smaller bra cup after mastopexy because excess, sagging skin is removed. A breast lift performed by itself is a good option for women who want only to raise sagging breasts. 

A Combined Approach

It’s not uncommon to combine the lift and augmentation procedure. With this technique, breast implants are placed in addition to lifting sagging breasts. Dr. Roth will help you determine if it’s right for you.

You may be a good candidate for the procedure if you want to address:

  • Sagging breasts
  • Deflated breast shape
  • Deflated breast size
  • Small breast size

Although this approach is fairly common, the procedure nonetheless requires a skilled and qualified plastic surgeon. First of all, you want to choose a surgeon who will make sure you are a good candidate for it – Dr. Roth will first listen to your goals and then assess the tissue to make sure his procedure recommendations align with what you are envisioning. In addition, your plastic surgeon must possess the technical skill to complete the procedure. Combining an implant with a lift requires experience and proficiency. Dr. Roth is experienced, trained and skilled, and can provide beautiful results whether you choose an augmentation, lift or a combination.

Answers Tailored To You

Board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Jeffrey Roth will help you decide which breast surgery is right for your aesthetic goals. Please contact our Las Vegas office to arrange a consultation with Dr. Roth.

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