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Feel Like Family!

Dr. Roth and his staff always make you feel like family. They are so accommodating! Great results, great atmosphere! Anything I need, I will stick with Dr. Roth and his staff!


The Absolute Best!

Dr. Roth and his staff are the absolute best. I had a breast reduction about 8 months ago and I’m so pleased with my results. I can’t wait to go back for my year surgery anniversary to see how well I’ve progressed. The whole process has been pleasant and I’m very satisfied with my decision to go with him.


His aftercare and Staff exceeded all my expectations!

Dr. Roth and his staff are incredible. What most impressed me at first was how Dr. Roth didn’t rush my consult, if I needed 30 mins or an hour and 30mins it was my time, not his and I would get what I needed. Never once was his staff unable to answer a question or a need wasn’t met. After my surgery Dr. Roth called within the hour of me getting home and even later on that night. The next night there was a question regarding one of my meds, we called his office at 9pm with minutes Dr. Roth called with answers and patience. I even once a few weeks later had a concern at 730 at night and called him. I felt horrible bothering him the late at night. He reassured me that was certainty not the case and even offered to see me that evening if would make me feel better. Quite simply in this day in age to find a doctor that doesn’t forget about you after the money has been paid and surgery done is rare. His aftercare and staff exceeded all my expectations! And my surgery, which I might add was not an easy fix.. I received a lift, implant removal and new implants replaced. .his work was amazing! Honestly, you can’t go wrong with Dr. Roth and his staff. Do yourself a favor, even if it’s for a consult, go see him and make up your own mind. You won’t be disappointed


28 Year Old Mother, a Few Years After Kids… “Perfect! Grateful!”

Dr. Jeffrey Roth is amazing. Hands down, I am so thankful I had him as my doctor. I was so nervous, sick, worried about the surgery. I have never had anything done and can’t even stand the thought of it. He was very professional and reassuring! He kept reminding me it’s just breast surgery! He does these every day, many throughout the year! He is very professional, experienced, funny, intelligent, patient and genuinely interested in achieving your goal! The staff are all very accommodating and kind as well! Right before surgery he was making me laugh and remain calm! I’m just so grateful he has changed my breast appearance! They are perfect! My husband says I was perfect before and now he says its even better than he imagined! Dr. Roth recommended I have a breast lift since I had had kids and they were slightly lower than before. He was right! I’m glad I did the lift plus implants! I did silicone gummy bear implants. I think they were 450 cc.


43 Year Old w/ 2 Kids!

I knew the first time I met with Dr. Roth that he was going to be my surgeon. He is very knowledgeable and personable. Very easy to talk to and I never felt rushed, always willing to answer my questions. He takes the time to understand exactly what your trying to achieve.


56 Y.O Gets Lift and Implants!

Dr. Roth has been professional and patient, always taking time to answer my questions. Most importantly he understood my wants and needs and achieved those goals


Didn’t feel the need to look further!

I was referred to Dr. Roth by a trusted friend of mine. Originally I was going to go to several consultations, however Dr. Roth seemed knowledgeable and experienced so I didn’t feel the need to look further. I’m very happy with the customer service I received and so far the after care has been great also.


Breast Lift w/ Implant

I have had a great experience so far with Dr. Roth. I was referred to him by MANY and trust him completely. I had a breast lift with augmentation 3 weeks ago. After many answers from Dr. Roth, and friends I realized how much better they look now than before and its just going to get better!


Nice Doctor! Great Results!

He is a very nice doctor. His staff was nice too. They all took the time to really make me feel at home and comfortable. I never felt rushed even though I asked lots of questions. The aftercare was great too. I could always call and they would talk me through what was going on. Great results. Highly recommended.


Very Patient.

Dr. Roth was very patient. I asked a lot of questions and he answered them all. I even called back to ask more, and they were very helpful. The surgery was great. I told my friends about him and his office as well.


Truly The Best!

You guys are truly the best!! Dr. Roth, I hope you read this but thanks to your expertise, I will be featured in 3 magazines the upcoming months, as well as Hustler (non-nude) out next year. So happy with my results and it was nice to see you at the Pacquaio fight! You ROCK!!! Thanks, H.Y.



Thank you so much for the care you have given me! Your compassion and relentless desire for perfection make you the BEST plastic surgeon in the valley! Your staff is always courteous and accommodating. They truly make my visits to your office a pleasure.