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Breast Implant Removal

Breast implant removal surgery is a surgical technique that removes the previously placed breast implant device. The procedure may be combined with a capsulectomy, (removal of tissue capsule that naturally surrounds the implant after placement).



Dr. Roth will first listen to your concerns and goals. Some patients bring in photos from publications to demonstrate desired look and size. He will then gather a thorough medical history. Past medical events may impact your surgery, anesthesia, and recovery. Current issues such as medications, herbal remedies, allergies, smoking, drug use, bleeding, and scarring tendencies, will be reviewed. Chronic issues (e.g. diabetes, high blood pressure, autoimmune disease) are also important.

Dr. Roth will examine you and will describe not only what he sees, but also how it relates to your appearance or other issues. He will then explain what might be done to improve each area medically or surgically.

You may not wish to take advantage of every treatment that is available, but at least you can know about available options and what each might offer.




Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Plastic Surgery Revision?

Some plastic surgery procedures can culminate in less-than-optimal results, leading to patient dissatisfaction. This may be the product of complications during surgery or of several other circumstances that can arise. In fact, you may have had a great result with which you were completely satisfied, only to see the result change over time because of aging or weight loss. Patients often seek Dr. Roth for corrective plastic surgery with the goal of improving these results.

Who are Candidates for Revision Plastic Surgery?

Scenarios in which revision plastic surgery may be recommended include the following:

  • Liposuction was performed when a tummy tuck would have been more appropriate.
  • A mini tummy tuck was performed when a full tummy tuck would have been more appropriate.
  • A patient's liposuction results are lumpy or uneven.
  • A breast implant patient develops capsular contracture and needs to have her implants removed or replaced. (Note: capsular contracture may be treated non-surgically with the Aspen System.)
  • A breast lift was performed with a crescent incision above the nipple when a vertical scar mastopexy would have been more appropriate.

Why Choose Dr. Roth?

Revision surgery cases can be complicated and require a surgeon with vast knowledge and experience with secondary surgeries. Dr. Roth is well versed in revision surgery, as he performs many of these procedures each year. Patients seek him out to revise breast procedures such as augmentations and lifts. He also performs secondary procedures on every part of the body including revisions of tummy tucks and other body contouring procedures.

Can I Get a Revision Procedure Too Soon?

It's generally important to wait an appropriate amount of time after the first surgery before making arrangements for the revision procedure; an exception to this rule may be saline breast implants that are too large can be deflated before extensive overstretching of the skin has occurred. It can take a while for the final results to reveal themselves.

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