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When women undergo breast augmentation surgery, they often don’t think about the need to have these implants removed at a later time. However, there are many women who have breast implants placed that later decide to have them removed. Las Vegas, NV area women are encouraged to speak to Dr. Jeffrey J. Roth about their desire to have these implants removed.

Why might a woman need implants removed?

There are many different reasons why a woman may choose to have her breast implants removed:

  • Breast cancer diagnosis – getting a diagnosis of breast cancer can be scary. At this time, many women choose to have their implants removed, and may have this procedure done in conjunction with removal of the cancer. Discussing this choice with an oncologist and a plastic surgeon is the best way to ensure the most advantageous results after completed. Some women may still need to undergo cancer treatments as encouraged by their oncologist.
  • Complications from the implants – some women later experience complications from their implants and choose to have them removed. This may include the deflation or folding or saline implants, infection or leakage of silicone implants, implant rupture, tension bands asymmetry, or capsular contracture. All of these may impact one’s desire to maintain the implants, and many women choose to have them removed to eliminate the problem at hand.
  • Poor positioning or choice in size – after breast augmentation, women may be unhappy with the size and shape of their implants, especially if chosen by an inexperienced plastic surgeon. Additionally, women who have experienced weight gain or weight loss may also find that the implants have shifted out of their original position and it is impacting the shape and body contours of their breasts. In situations such as this, women may choose to have the implants removed but replaced with a different size and repositioned into a more natural appearance.

Are you considering breast implant removal?

Dr. Jeffrey J. Roth of Las Vegas, NV is here to help. Contact his practice at (702) 450-0777 and request an appointment at the practice, located at 6140 South Fort Apache Road in Suite 100.

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