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Truck Driver “Man’s Man” Dad Turns to Botox and Fillers to Impress at Daughters’ Weddings

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A recent story seen on Good Morning America tells us about John Sharman, a 56 year old truck driver from Blackwood, NJ. He is the father of three daughters, all of whom are getting married within seven months of each other.

With all of these once-in-a-lifetime occasions occurring, it seemed to be the perfect opportunity for his daughters to convince Sharman to do what more and more dads are doing these days, getting Botox and filler treatments to look good at their children’s weddings.

The daughters convinced him that he was going to see people that he had not seen in a while, and they wanted him to look good in all the photos. The daughters and his mother told him that he could use a bit of freshening up.

He went to a local Board Certified Plastic Surgeon, and was treated with Botox for the “crow’s feet” on the side of his eyes, and with fillers for the smile lines, or “parenthesis” on each side of his mouth. Mr. Sharman tolerated the treatments well stating, “Not bad…Easy.” The results garnered rave reviews from his daughters.

This is a trend we continue to see at my practice, Las Vegas Plastic Surgery.  The most macho of men come in to improve their appearance or just to look less tired.

We find that men now realize that there are treatments that work well, but don’t make them look “done” or “odd”. They want to look like themselves, just “freshened up” or “less tired.”

We find this especially with older men who are competing with younger men for the same jobs. They tell us that they feel more confident and this reflects in their performance. We are always happy when we can make a positive impact. We have a feeling this trend will continue, and more men will find their way to the Plastic Surgeon’s office.

Best of luck to Mr. Sharman and his family!

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