Hyperhidrosis is the medical term for excessive sweating. Men and women who sweat from the underarms even when they’re not exercising or in a warm environment find this condition to be incredibly embarrassing. They may sweat quickly and significantly to the point where they saturate a shirt or blouse minutes after putting it on in the morning. This can ruin not only clothes, but one’s overall self-esteem and confidence. In situations such as this, it is incredibly important for patients to consider the benefits of treatment, which may include the use of Botox injections.

How Botox injections treat excessive sweating

Botox is a medication that is known for blocking the nerves that activate the sweat glands. In doing so, it can keep specific sweat glands from producing sweat. The result is reduced sweat and improvement in one’s condition. The only area that does not produce sweat is the area that is injected with Botox. With several strategically-placed injections of Botox in the underarms, patients can significantly reduce the sweat that occurs and feel more confident each and every day!

Why choose Botox for hyperhidrosis?

There are many reasons why patients might choose Botox injections for the treatment of hyperhidrosis, and the most popular reason is because it truly works! Patients come into the office for their appointment, and rest in the treatment chair as Botox is administered into the underarms of the patient. In just a few short minutes, patients can get back to their day uninterrupted. Botox takes a few days to start working, and will often last several months before patients need to return for more injections. Botox is cleared by the FDA for the use of hyperhidrosis, ensuring safety and efficacy for those interested in treatment.

Learn more about Botox injections for hyperhidrosis

Dr. Jeffrey J. Roth and his Las Vegas, NV area team encourages men and women who are struggling with excessive sweating to book a consultation appointment at his practice to find out if Botox can help! The office is located at 6140 South Fort Apache Road, Suite #100 and can be reached by phone at (702) 450-0777 .

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