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Q and A BioCorneum

Las Vegas Plastic Surgery

Can BioCorneum continue to beneficially work on scars after 3 months?

Our office likes BioCorneum very much and recommends it to patients. We believe that it helps get good results in our incision lines.  We see it as continuing the care of the patient’s wounds. We usually start it at 3 weeks post procedure.  It is medical grade and is available only in a Physician’s office or Hospital.  Often, we will have patients on the BioCorneum longer than 3 months.  It all depends on the individual.  

BioCorneum vs. silicone sheeting?

Silicone sheeting is a good modality in most cases.  Plastic Surgeons have used it on wounds for decades, (especially in the Burn Unit).

BioCorneum is a silicone base that adheres to the incision line well, and does not mess up one’s clothes.  It also has some additional medicine within it that helps the healing and appearance of the incision lines.

We typically prefer BioCorneum, as we think as a gel, there is more contact with the incision line for a longer period of time.  BioCorneum is found only in a Physician’s office or hospital.

Will BioCorneum work to reduce and improve old scars?

Our office recommends BioCorneum for surgical scars.  Many of our patients have told us that they have used it on older scars and stretch marks, and have seen improvement. 

When should I start BioCorneum?

Our office recommends BioCorneum for our incision sites. We usually start it at 3 seeks post procedure.  The incision should be intact before applying the BioCorneum.

BioCorneum vs. Mederma, Scarpin, ScarGuardMD, Pracasil?

We are unaware of any head to head comparative studies of these wound treatments at time of this writing.  They all start with a silicone base; which Plastic Surgeons have used for decades on wounds.

Mederma is a silicone gel.  Scarpin is a silicone gel. ScarGuardMD has a few products, it has a silicone base with some additional ingredients, (depending on if the patient is also attempting to lighten the scar, etc.).  It is applied with a small brush.  Pracasil is silicone base with pracaxi oil.  They are available “over the counter” at a local pharmacy or drug store.

Our office recommends BioCorneum.  It is a silicone base with SPF to decrease the redness/darkness of the incision line.  They also make a product with a silicone base and a steroid to treat wound itching.  It is available only in a Physician’s office or hospital.

Many surgeons use different protocols and get good results. 

Can I buy BioCorneum online cheaper?

BioCorneum is medical grade with medicine in the silicone base.  It is available only at a Physician’s office or hospital.  Please do not buy pharmaceuticals or health preparations on some discount website.  If it is significantly cheaper, ask yourself, why?  One may not know what is really in them.  Many folks have been hurt by medicines that look very much the same as the real thing, but are not.  If you have a scar, you have already been through something significant.  Please don’t risk a bad outcome.  If you cannot physically purchase the BioCorneum at the Physician’s office, call the office and see what arrangements can be made.

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