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A Plastic Surgeon’s Perspective on Mayweather vs. Cotto in Las Vegas

As many of my patients, friends and blog readers know, I am a huge fan of professional boxing. As a long-time resident of Las Vegas I have had the opportunity to attend a number of amazing fights, and as a physician I have been fortunate enough to be honored with offering my medical expertise at many Las Vegas bouts as a post-fight plastic surgeon. I primarily tend to fighters associated with Bob Arum’s Top Rank Boxing. It truly has been a dream come true to combine my passion for boxing with my professional experience as a plastic surgeon. I have been blessed with every opportunity I have had, as the fighters I have worked on have all been true champions.

Floyd Mayweather and Miguel Cotto collide in the ring Saturday, May 5th, which happens to be Cinco de Mayo, at the MGM Grand Garden in Las Vegas. They are excellent examples of real champions who have achieved the peak of fitness.

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This first boxer is Miguel Cotto. He rose to the top of professional boxing and then suffered a few setbacks. Some were personal, such as the untimely death of his father and issues with his uncle/trainer which are reportedly now resolved, and some professional, including losses to Pacquiao and Margarito. Margarito was disqualified and later suspended by the California State Athletic Commission in his subsequent bout with “Sugar” Shane Mosley for having a foreign substance in his hand wraps. It is not a secret that Cotto thought something similar was afoot in his bout with Margarito. He avenged that loss by stopping Margarito with a TKO.

Cotto has devastating power. I have seen him garner a knockout victory from a body punch. He has become a complete boxer. His defense and movement have matured, making him an even more dangerous fighter. He does not mind taking a punch either.

The other pugilist is Floyd Mayweather. What can you say that has not already been said? He is a sure first ballot entry into the hall of fame. He is probably the best counter puncher that I have ever seen. His defense is immaculate. While that might not necessarily thrill the casual fight fan, some of whom just want to see a brawl, I would hazard to say that the more experienced boxing aficionado can really appreciate what is really going on. Then there is his unbelievable speed. This has proved to be the undoing for many of his opponents. He is also unbelievably fit, and a student of the sport. The example of his check hook vs. Hatton is a prime example.

Can he be beaten? “Sugar” Shane Mosley, who will be on the undercard, buckled Mayweather’s knees in the second round of their match. In round three, Mayweather made adjustments and Mosley did not counter these adjustments effectively. We will see if these types of adjustments need to be made as Mayweather puts his undefeated record on the line this weekend.

I hope after the fights none of these warriors will need the services of a plastic surgeon. Best wishes to all the fighters. I can’t wait for the bell…

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