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NBC Miami is reporting that Diana Marcela Cardenas-Gonzalez of Miramar, Florida received money for injecting two people in the face with substance she said was Botox. The illegal injections allegedly took place on September 26, 2010 in a Miami home.

She has been charged with practicing medicine without a license and practicing health care without a license, both uf which led to injuries for her patients.

A month after the illegal Botox injection procedures, both victims noted masses on their faces that were similar to cysts. According to reports, they both contacted Cardenas-Gonzalez, who instructed the women to meet her for infrared facial massages to “soften up” the substance under their skin.

Both victims needed to go to a dermatologist, and it’s possible that they will require plastic surgery to correct the problems. Cardenas-Gonzalez is a native of Colombia and is now being held in the Miami-Dade detention center on an immigration hold.

How many times have we heard this story: an unlicensed”practitioner” injects an unknown substance into a patient in an uncertified, unlicensed facility? Fortunately, this time it seems the patients were not seriously hurt. The correction procedures may leave scars and will most likely be more expensive than going to a board certified plastic surgeon in the first place.

If you are considering Botox or any type of cosmetic procedure, please check out the credentials of the doctor or health care professional who is going to be performing the work.  A little research can go a long way, and cheap procedures can wind up being very expensive in the end.

At my practice in Las Vegas we try and make it easy for prospective patients to examine our experience by posting my credentials as a plastic surgeon and testimonials from happy patients on our website.

Other places to look include the website of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS) and the American Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons (ASAPS).

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