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Vampire Facelift Back in the News

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With the now famous photo of Kim Kardashian’s blood streaked face going viral on the internet, attention has been focused again on the procedure they are calling “The Vampire Facelift”. For all the trendsetting that the Kardashians do, they are a bit late this time around.

We covered the “Vampire Facelift” topic in our Las Vegas Plastic surgery blog back in 2010. This was a time when vampires were all the rage in the media with popular books and television series like Twilight and True Blood.  

The “Vampire” facial or facelift procedure has been around for quite a while. The general concept  of the procedure can be explained in a few basic steps:

1. Draw blood from the patient.  

2. Process the blood into the components that you want.

3. Inject the blood components where you want it to be. 

 There are now several commercial kits available to complete this “Vampire” procedure.  As we stated previously in our plastic surgery blog, the material may give volume to the face, but it is not a facelift.

If you are really interested in learning more about the procedure we encourage you to take a minute and review our previous Vampire Facelift blog. We think it is clear and informative and will help you be the “Vampire Facelift” expert.

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