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As a passionate, dedicated plastic surgeon I follow trends and stay up to date with new developments in the field of cosmetic and aesthetic health. Occasionally I come across a plastic surgery article that really hits the nail on the head. Sabrina Rubin Erderly’s recent Self magazine article about the dangers of “Awake” plastic surgery” is a must read article for anyone considering plastic surgery under local anesthesia. This article encapsulates what most keeps me awake at night: patient safety being compromised. The compromises in patient health and safety come from a variety of sources:  inadequately trained practitioners, cutting corners on anesthesia, drugs and equipment, non certified or unsafe surgery suites and facilities, setting unobtainable patient expectations, and the proliferation of direct to consumer marketing that touts procedures without mentioning their associated risks.

At my practice, Las Vegas Plastic Surgery, we are confronted and confounded by these issues every day. We see the results of patient health compromises and we are often called upon to manage or resolve them. While it is upsetting to help a patient who received poor care as a result of unsafe practices, we never overlook what these patients have been through and do our best to provide them with safe, professional care. No medical procedure is an exact science and even the most  experienced practitioner may have to deal with complications or untoward events during surgery. However, much of the risk associated with any plastic or cosmetic procedure can be avoided by selecting a board certified plastic surgeon with years of training and experience.  Board certified plastic surgeons can usually correct an issue if it arises. More importantly, they are trained to identify an issue or risk before it can become an incident. Members of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons are mandated to do surgery in a certified surgery center or hospital. Before you consider your next cosmetic or plastic surgery procedure, please take the time to learn about the credentials of your physician, their staff, and their facility. 

I invite you to read this article and tell your friends or anyone who is interested in plastic surgery about it. Thank you.

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Self Magazine January 2011

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