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It seems like every day, we’re hearing about a new fad beauty treatment. As a Plastic Surgeon, my clients often come to me seeking advice on which new procedure is likely to give them the benefits they are seeking. Recent articles have brought to light some additional treatments: unique procedures for exotic facials.

The first procedure was the use of snails. The client would lie on the table and the snails would, (slowly), move across the face, leaving behind a trail of “beneficial” slime. This slime was touted to have properties to keep the skin young looking.

The latest was described in a recent New York Post article. The “Geisha Facial” has been performed for five years. It reportedly has been used in Japan since the 1600’s. This facial consists of the cream colored droppings of the Nightingale, (dried and finely ground), along with rice bean. Practitioners stress that they use Nightingales as they eat only seeds, producing the enzymes that is the active ingredient of the facial.

At the time of this writing, there is no scientific literature to back the proponents of these unique facial treatments.  However, there is no question that many look to have an improvement in their facial appearance.

More established (albeit pedestrian) facials are used often to improve the appearance and texture of the face. They can have different levels of invasiveness; it all depends on the desired goal. It is best to consult with an experienced professional and ask what modality would be best for you.

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