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A recent survey of almost 3,000 women in Europe demonstrates that several European cultures all believe that aesthetic treatments and plastic surgery procedures are important, despite the region’s lagging economy.

Harris Interactive conducted Merz Aesthetics “Face Value” Beauty Survey with women in France, Italy, Spain, Russia, and the United Kingdom.  The survey revealed that 45%  of the female participants agree that aesthetic procedures and cosmetic surgeries are a necessity, not a luxury, for which many of them are willing to sacrifice. For example, 29% of the women surveyed would buy fewer or cheaper groceries in order to afford another facial injectable treatment.

Along with cutting back on groceries, 31% of women said they would seek out a second, or better paying, job to have more facial injectable treatments. Others would be willing to go so far as to forgo vacations (32%) new clothes, and shoes or accessories (39%).

Earlier this month in Paris, the chairman of the management board of Merz Pharmaceuticals, Martin Zugel, PhD, presented highlights of the survey findings at the recent meeting of the International Master Class on Aging Skin (IMCAS).

Zugel said, “When it comes to beauty, four in five women (80%) think beauty is under each person’s control and can be shaped or enhanced. More than half of women (57%) disagree that beauty is in the genes and cannot be created,” Zugel says. “What’s more, many women are excited to try the newest aesthetic procedures, including facial injectables, and some see them as a necessary part of their beauty regimen.”

More than half of the women surveyed (53%) have wrinkles. Of those female participants with wrinkles, more than three in five (62%) report that they sought treatment for their wrinkles with aesthetic treatments or cosmetic surgery. Additionally, more than half of women who had a facial injectable treatment (57%) reported a positive life change as a result of the procedure.

While this survey shows the extent of enthusiasm for facial injectable treatments, as a board certified plastic surgeon I would never encourage a patient to forgo the necessities of life in order to finance any plastic or cosmetic surgery. Good nutrition and healthy vacation time usually lead to less wrinkles and better physical aesthetics, and provide for a longer and healthier life.

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