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As many of you may know, I have had the honor and privilege to tend to the wounds of fighters. I do this mostly for Bob Arum’s Top Rank boxing, but have also done this for mixed martial arts matches as well. In Las Vegas, everyone is a fight fan, (especially growing up in the days of the phenomenal fights outdoors in Caesars Palace). It has been a dream to have the opportunity to contribute to the sport. I have been fortunate as the fighters I have worked on have really all been champions, some have the belts to prove it, others are working on it. They have consistently been brave and friendly, even those who might have lost that evening. They know that this injury is part of the sport.

The two men who will collide in the ring this Saturday are two of my favorites, both as fighters and as people. I have been fortunate to have spent time with both men.

One is Manny Pacquiao, who was the first fighter I was called on to stitch up. His boxing skills continue to mature under the guidance of arguably the best trainer in the business, Freddie Roach. His power seems to increase with going up in weight class, without impacting his signature blinding speed. This was best seen in the fight against Ricky Hatton, (another terrific fighter and person). Roach had Pacquiao prepared. Manny seized his opportunity and unleashed a combination with the last punch connecting with Hatton square on the jaw with tremendous force. Hatton was out on his way down. I seriously thought that he might be gravely injured, fortunately, that was not the case.

The other is Miguel Cotto. His rise to the top could be predicted years earlier. He has devastating power. I was attending his fight and it was the first time I saw anyone be knocked out from a body punch. This is the difference from seeing it live vs. on television. You felt him hit the other guy. Cotto has become a complete boxer. His defense and movement have matured, making him an even more dangerous fighter.

They are both great fighters and good men. There has been, thankfully and refreshingly, no “trash talking” or disparaging comments made from either side. They are both professionals who choose to make their statements in the ring. They know that they are indebted to their fans. I have seen both men take time out to take photos and sign autographs for fans despite being late for an engagement. As people they are both considerate and amiable out of the ring. In the ring they are both devastating and unrelenting.

Everyone is expecting this to be a fight for the ages. I agree, and I hope neither of these men will need my services. Best wishes to both fighters. I can’t wait for the bell…

Jeffrey J. Roth, M.D., F.A.C.S.

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