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Once in a while a guy walks into the room who inspires everyone around them, and also puts the world into perspective. I met a man like this at the Cotto vs. Mayorga fight in Las Vegas. His name is Nick Charles. If you are a sports fan you will remember him. Nick was the first sports announcer on CNN

Charles used to host the pay-per-view broadcasts on HBO in the early-to-mid 1990s, when it was called TVKO. Most of Charles’ boxing broadcasting was on Showtime.

You learn as a young medical student that there are some fights that you just won’t win…but you can’t throw in the towel either.

Charles, 64, has stage 4 bladder cancer. It is inoperable. He has been through brutal chemotherapy. He knows winning this fight is a long shot at best. He fights on anyway.

Each day he continues with the fight of his life against this terrible cancer. In his corner is his wife of 14 years and his 5 year old daughter. He has three other children from two previous marriages.

Meeting him at the fight in Las Vegas was a privilege. Mike Tyson, with his little girl in tow, was there and, as usual, was surrounded by the crowd. He and Charles saw each other, spoke for a long while and gave each other a big bear hug. Charles was recognized throughout the evening, receiving good wishes wherever he was. He was terrifically up-beat, almost joyous that he was at a big fight.

Inspiration. Fortitude. Perspective.

These are words that can sound trite. In the case of Nick Charles and his heroic battle against cancer they are right on the button.

My wish is that he has many more fights in him.

Please read the stories cited in the references below. They tell the story much better than I can.

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