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LAS VEGAS, NV. Manny Pacquiao and Miguel Cotto fought a terrific fight last Saturday, November 14th in the sold out MGM Grand Garden in Las Vegas. Both men showed tremendous boxing ability and heart. The battle for the championship belt was not without its residual damage. Cotto was taken to UMC hospital for precautionary scans at the insistence of the Nevada Athletic Commission Physician. In the other locker room, the victor also showed signs of the fierce battle.

“Pacquiao sustained a hematoma, (blood collection), on his right ear”, says Las Vegas Plastic Surgeon, Dr. Jeffrey Roth. “I was assisted by Dr. David Watson, (Emergency Medicine Physician). We drained the blood from Manny’s ear so that it does not clot, fibrose, and turn into a misshapen, “cauliflower ear.” A dressing was placed; Manny put on his fedora, and went to the press conference. Routine follow up the next day showed some re-accumulation of fluid, which was drained.

“These types of injuries are common in fighters”, says Roth. “The trauma can come at anytime; training, sparing, or at the big event. Vessels can break and blood then leaks into the space between the cartilage and the skin. The blood needs to be drained and once the soft tissue scars in where you want it to, it should look OK. This type of injury should not affect his hearing, and should also not affect his ability to train or fight.”

How was Manny Pacquiao as a patient? “He was as brave and calm during the procedure as he was brave and ferocious during the fight. He’s a great guy.”

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