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Guardian of the Golden Gate Bridge

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As many readers of this blog know, I did my Plastic Surgery training in San Francisco at UCSF. Of all the fabulous things to see in San Francisco, none is more iconic or popular than the Golden Gate Bridge. It is a marvel of engineering. It is also more than just a tourist attraction. Thousands of people drive, bicycle and walk across the bridge every day. It truly connects San Francisco to all points north. It is functional, beautiful, iconic and yes, it has a darker side.

Many see it as an appropriate place to end their lives. This has been documented in print, as well as the 2006 film, “The Bridge.” It has been stated that more people die by suicide at the Golden Gate Bridge than at any other site in the world.

Unfortunately, from a physics standpoint, the Golden Gate bridge is quite effective for suicide. Half of all people who fall from three times their height will parish (Lethal Dose 50% or, LD50). The bridge is much higher than that at 245 feet (75 M) above the water. Those who jump from the bridge usually die on impact. Those who do not die immediately drown or die of hypothermia from the cold water in San Fracisco Bay. 

There are suicide hotline phones placed along the length of the bridge. There have been numerous studies of how to physically prevent this, including higher railings on the bridge and safety nets.

Often, it falls to one man to make a difference. That man is CHP Sgt. Kevin Briggs. He has talked hundreds into coming back “over the rail” and saving their lives.

What follows is a video about the man and the lives that he has saved.

Sometimes, you go home from work and wonder if you really made a difference. Sgt. Kevin Briggs does not have to wonder. Please keep up the good work. Let’s continue to look at the bridge in wonderment and amazement, as we should.

Jeffrey J. Roth, M.D., F.A.C.S.

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