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At the practice of Dr. Jeffrey J. Roth in Las Vegas, NV, many patients arrive with concerns regarding the state of their earlobes. Earlobes may become damaged or injured in different ways. Repairing them is often done with surgical treatments which are available through our practice. 

Why might a patient need earlobe repair surgery? 

Earlobe repair surgery is more common than patients realize. Certain situations can occur during which the earlobes may be damaged. In most situations, the only way to repair the area is with plastic surgery. Below are just a few of the reasons why a patient might visit us for earlobe repair: 

  • Large gauges or earrings removed, causing stretched earlobes
  • Tears in the earlobes caused by pulled or caught earrings
  • Sagging of the earlobes resulting from large and heavy earrings worn regularly
  • Multiple piercings spaced too close together
  • Piercing too close to the bottom of the earlobe

In these situations, we can perform procedures to remove excess skin and restore the natural appearance of the ears. 

Is earlobe repair surgery invasive? 

Earlobe repair surgery is a relatively quick and easy surgery for our patients. It is done as an outpatient procedure and is often performed with local anesthetics and sedation if needed. Patients are educated on what to expect from their procedure and are given aftercare instructions to reduce the risk of complications, infection, and other problems that may occur without proper care. 

How much time will I need to take off of work to recover? 

The answer to this question varies depending on the complexity of the earlobe repair procedure, the patient’s pain tolerance, the healing process, and the patient’s job. During the consultation visit, this can be answered more accurately based on the patient’s unique situation. 

Call Dr. Jeffrey J. Roth today to learn more about earlobe repair procedures 

Our facility can help you restore your appearance and confidence with earlobe repair surgery. If you are ready to learn more, call (702) 450-0777 to request a consultation visit at our practice. We are located in Las Vegas, NV at 6140 South Fort Apache Road, Suite #100.

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