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By Dr. Jeffrey Roth

A New Life Means A New Look For Some Divorcees

A recent Washington Post article delves into the phenomenon of patients seeking plastic surgery during or after a divorce.  Some people have even gone so far as to call this “vengeance surgery.”  I think this term may be a bit dramatic, as we have also seen patients come into our Las Vegas office after their spouse has passed away.

Fortunately, most of the patients at Las Vegas Plastic Surgery come in to improve themselves and their personal confidence.  This is true of the divorced or soon to be divorced set of patients as well.  Some patients have lost weight and are in need of some cosmetic refinements.  Others have always wanted a certain plastic surgery procedure, and now that they are divorced they are able to have it.

As always, it is the duty of the plastic surgeon to make sure the patient is prepared both physically and emotionally for cosmetic surgery.  The article quotes Dr. Phil Haeck, (President of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons), who says he has two major concerns about clients seeking treatments in the midst of a divorce: They’re making weighty decisions during an emotionally unstable time, and they sometimes expect that plastic surgery will immediately alter their circumstances in life.

A board certified plastic surgeon needs to make sure the patient has reasonable expectations about what cosmetic surgery can do for them physically, as well as how it will affect their daily life.  Once these expectations are discussed, most of the patients are happy with their choice to undergo cosmetic procedures and enjoy the extra confidence it provides while they are going through a difficult part of their lives.

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