Las Vegas Plastic Surgery: Board-Certified Plastic Surgeon Dr. Jeffrey J. Roth
Las Vegas Plastic Surgery

By Dr. Jeffrey Roth

As many of you may know, I have had the honor and privilege to tend to the wounds of fighters as a post-fight physician and plastic surgeon in Las Vegas. I do this for Bob Arum’s Top Rank boxing. It has been a dream to have the opportunity to contribute to the sport. I have been fortunate as the fighters I have worked on have consistently been brave and friendly, even those who might have lost that evening. They know that injuries are part of the sport.

The two men who will collide in the ring this Saturday are two warriors. One I have spent time with, the other less so.

This first boxer is Miguel Cotto. He rose to the top of professional boxing and then suffered a few setbacks; some personal, such as issues with his uncle/trainer which are reportedly resolved, and the untimely death of his father, and some professional, including losses to Pacquiao and  Margarito. Margarito was disqualified and later suspended by the California State Athletic Commission in his subsequent bout with “Sugar” Shane Mosley for having a foreign substance in his hand wraps. It is not a secret that Cotto thinks something similar was afoot in his bout with Margarito. He would like nothing more than another chance to even the score, but Margarito’s fractured face, courtesy of Pacquiao needs to heal, and Cotto must attend to the matter at hand, Mayorga, this Saturday at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas.

Cotto has devastating power. I have seen him garner a knockout victory from a body punch. He has become a complete boxer. His defense and movement have matured, making him an even more dangerous fighter. He does not mind taking a punch as well. He looked good in his last outing against Yuri Forman, who is on the undercard fighting Pawel Wolak, and looking to win his first bout after knee surgery for an injury that proved his undoing in the Cotto contest.

Ricardo Mayorga is Cotto’s challenger on Saturday night. This crafty Nicaraguan is bombastic in and out of the ring. He is a crowd pleaser and a brawler. He will be naturally bigger come fight time. He has suffered losses to notable fighters (e.g.Trinidad, De La Hoya, Mosley), and is coming off a victory over Michael Walker. The common theme is he needs to win this fight to remain a factor in boxing. This makes him a dangerous man with a big punch.

The press conferences have given us drama and multiple story lines: Cotto and Mayorga almost mixed it up before the appointed bout, Bob Arum and Don King are working together, Christy Martin, overcoming a near fatal attack, is facing Gloria Allred. Also, pro football player Tommy Zbikowski getting into the ring. And Showtime is putting the prefight programming on standard television. If this is any indication, Saturday night in Las Vegas should be something special.

I hope after the fights none of these warriors will need the services of a plastic surgeon. Best wishes to all the fighters. I can’t wait for the bell…

Jeffrey J. Roth, M.D., F.A.C.S.

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