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Motorcyle Crash

On 30 Sept. 2005, a 22 yr. old drunk driver ran a red light and pulled right in front of me on my motorcycle. I T-Boned his car @ 45 mph and flew 40 ft. over his car. I almost died. I was rushed to the hospital where my badly broken leg was re-attached at the ankle, where it came out of its socket. Due to complications from my injury, I also needed plastic surgery on my wounds. I was referred to Dr. Roth from my orthopedic surgeon, Dr. Martin who told me Dr. Roth was highly recommended.

I am a 20 yr. retired Sr. Chief (E-8) in the US Navy and a Gulf War Veteran with a combat action ribbon. I have seen and served with some very fine doctors in my career. From the very moment I met Dr. Roth, I was really impressed and more importantly, put at ease. His bedside manner is second to none. He listened to me and then explained to my wife and I exactly what he needed to do, in a way that we both understood completely.

It has been over a year since my accident and I am still seeing Dr. Roth. I am really close to being completely healed. During this past year, Dr. Roth has been an excellent doctor and surgeon for me, and has become a true friend. I will miss seeing him on a regular basis. I would not be where I am today if it weren't for Dr Roth and his highly professional and friendly staff. I gotta give Dr. Roth and his staff a big BRAVO ZULU (military high-five) for the excellent care I received for which I will be eternally grateful. THANKS DOC !!!

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Dr. Roth was friendly and easy to talk to. His humor makes the appointment light hearted and fun! More

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