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We are frequently asked about bulging tissue found under the eye. Oftentimes the bulges are significant enough to warrant lower lid surgery, called blepharoplasty. Some patients do not want to have the surgical procedure for various reasons. Here is an exciting, new treatment system. No surgery. It is a system that allows the patient to reduce the appearance of under eye bulges, and can reduce the appearance of shadow under the lower eyelid.

There are a couple of simple steps to the system: cleaning the skin, applying step 1 cream, then smoothing it out; applying step 2 cream, and smoothing it out again, and that’s it. Now the product is activated. It is a very thin film that holds back the tissue. It can be used for up to 24 hours. In fact, the manufacturers suggest that length of time to keep moisture in. The patient can put makeup over the product.

When it is time to take the Neotensil off, it comes off easily. It peels off like the film on the back of a credit card.

It can be used every day, or before a big occasion, photoshoot, etc. At Las Vegas Plastic Surgery, our certified aesthetician can apply the product. The patient can also purchase the product for home use. The kit is good for 50 applications to both eyes.

If lower eyelid bags have been an issue, this new and exciting treatment may be for you. Please call the office to set up an appointment to learn more and try it out.

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