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Half a Trillion Dollars Spent on Plastic Surgery in Gulf of Arabia Countries in 2009

United Arab Emirates’ Gulf News recently reported on the increased demand for cosmetic surgery procedures in the Middle East.

“The amount spent on plastic surgical procedures in the Gulf in 2009 is estimated to be around half-a-trillion dollars,” Dr Ali Al Numairy, secretary general of the Gulf Coast Countries Association of Plastic Surgeons (GCCAPS), said.

According to Dr. Al Numairy, liposuction and abdominoplasty are the two most common procedures performed among patients in the region, followed by nose and breast surgeries.

“The reasons for the high number are many. We have one of the highest numbers of obesity cases in the world, besides problems like multiple pregnancies. Moreover, everybody wants to look beautiful as beauty has become one of the primary requirements for job applications these days,” he said.

Referring to the pressure faced by plastic surgeons, Al Numairy said that, “everybody has become crazy about the new filler and Botox use. The high demand puts pressure on the surgeon whether to use that therapy or not.”

Plastic surgeons in the United States sometimes face similar demands from their patients. A professional, board certified plastic surgeon is trained to make the proper decisions about when and where to use a particular treatment or procedure. Wherever one goes for cosmetic treatments, the plastic surgeon they choose needs to be properly trained, and use their experience, expertise and judgment to ensure the treatment will be safe and effective for their patient.

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