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Flattening the Coronavirus Curve

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Many people are asking, “why is it so important to practice social distancing at this time?”  It has been shown to slow the spread of communicable diseases. Moreover, this gives the opportunity to not have as many people infected at the same time.  The incidence curve of the disease is “flattened”. This means it is less likely for local health systems to be overwhelmed.

Please get your information from reliable sources like WHO, the Centers for Disease Control, (CDC), the U.S. Surgeon General, and your local public health department.

Other medical sources have done a very good job at explaining the current situation including the University of California, San Francisco, (UCSF).  Medica sources including the New York Times and the Economist have also been helpful.

Flattening the Coronavirus Curve

One chart explains why slowing the spread of the infection is nearly as important as stopping it.

Please be careful.

Together we will get through this.

Please call our office with any questions.

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