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Viva Las Vegas! And, according to the latest industry trends, long live breast augmentation in Las Vegas and nationwide!

As a leading local plastic surgeon, exploring the latest industry research and assessing its impact on our local patient base is always fascinating. So, what does recent data tell us? Breast augmentation has been on the rise since the 2000s and continues to soar in popularity, along with other breast surgery procedures that enhance your appearance and self-esteem.

Are you curious about the latest breast surgery trends and data? Let’s dive deeper.

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Before & After Breast Augmentation
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Before & After Breast Augmentation
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Before & After Breast Augmentation

Breast Surgery Data: Examining the Numbers and Trends

Every year, leading plastic surgery associations such as The Aesthetic Society and The American Society of Plastic Surgeons release compelling data and statistics about breast augmentation and other prevalent cosmetic surgery procedures. For the past 20 years, breast augmentation has ranked among the most popular cosmetic surgeries, and, not surprisingly, it continues to score within the top 3 most requested and performed procedures. It’s followed closely by breast lift surgery (mastopexy), which ranks in the top 5 for the second year in a row. Data also shows that explant surgery, or breast implant removal, is on the rise.

Let’s break down 2022 breast surgery data a bit further:

  • Breast augmentation with implants totaled 298,568, up roughly 4% from 2019.
  • Breast lift procedures totaled 143,364, increasing by 30% since 2019.
  • Breast reduction surgeries for women amounted to 71,364, while breast reduction for men (gynecomastia) totaled 24,517.
  • 37,679 breast implant removal procedures were performed in 2022, increasing by 12% since 2019.
  • Breast reconstruction surgeries came in at 28,754, a 9% decrease from last year.

The Continued Popularity of Breast Implants in Las Vegas

Major metropolitan cities within the Mountain States and along the West Coast consistently have a high volume of breast augmentation procedures. The popularity of plastic surgery procedures in Las Vegas and in these regions is due, in part, to lifestyle factors. Patients living in warmer or “outdoorsy” climates typically feel more pressure to look great when they’re out and about all year round. Western states are also generally more accepting of plastic surgery, although perceptions about plastic surgery continue to improve across the country.

Other factors contributing to the consistent rise in surgical breast procedures include:

  • A post-pandemic plastic surgery push: The pandemic gave men and women time to reflect and re-prioritize their appearance and self-care—especially after we were able to remove our masks and begin socializing again. This trend continues.
  • The Zoom boom: As we spend more time professionally over Zoom and socially over Facetime, men and women want to look their best online and in person.
  • Increased flexibility: With more men and women working remotely, recovery from plastic surgery is simpler and more feasible.
  • Lifestyle changes: Men and women increasingly embrace a healthy and active lifestyle. Procedures such as breast reduction help increase your comfort during physical activity.
  • Mental health awareness. Men and women are more open and committed to the philosophy that investing in your physical appearance helps boost mental health.
  • High rate of satisfaction. Most breast augmentation patients are very happy with their results—the procedure earns a 96% “Worth It” rating on Realself.com.

Whether you’re pursuing breast surgery or another cosmetic procedure, it’s always best to talk to a board-certified plastic surgeon. They can assess your needs, discuss your goals, and determine if you’re a good plastic surgery candidate. We encourage you to explore your surgical options with us by requesting a consultation online or calling us at (702) 450-0777 .

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