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A Positive Update

Las Vegas Plastic Surgery

By Dr. Jeffrey Roth

We recently wrote about Cincinnati Bengal football player Devon Still, and his 4 year old daughter, Leah, who is battling stage 4 cancer.  The support from his team, as well as players, coaches and owners throughout the NFL has been remarkable.  The fans have also been tremendous.  Sales of his football jersey and other contributions have raised over 1.3 million dollars for pediatric cancer research.

We are pleased to pass on the news that that Leah has been doing very well, and actually has been declared in remission.  She has been feeling better, and in fact took center stage on the runway recently during New York fashion week.

She still faces continued observation and testing.  It is the hope of all of us that she continues to fight and beat her disease.  Check out this post by Devon Still on Instagram, sharing this news with friends and fans.

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