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*Photos above are of Sculptra, an injectible.

After Photos Taken: 2 Years, 1 Month

Age: 44

*Results may vary.

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CF10602INJ CF10602INJ
TC16557INJ TC16557INJ
TM11793INJ TM11793INJ
NB14044INJ NB14044INJ
EC15422INJ EC15422INJ
JF15674INJ JF15674INJ
RP15437INJ RP15437INJ
VV14883 Juv VV14883 Juv
CB9007 Vol CB9007 Vol
NT13035INJ NT13035INJ
SS125253INJ SS125253INJ
EV12353INJ EV12353INJ
1137 INJ 1137 INJ
Face-Filler-ID38 Face-Filler-ID38

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6140 S. Fort Apache Road #100 
Las Vegas, NV 89148
Office: (702) 450-0777
Facsimile: (702) 891-0796

Las Vegas Plastic Surgery
Best doctor ever!

Best doctor ever! I'm so glad he was my doctor for having breast lift and implants! Due to having children, my breasts were slightly lower than before and had lost their fullness. I wanted implants and he recommended a lift as well! I am so glad I went through with his recommendation! He is… More

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