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Facial Resurfacing

Facial resurfacing is used to treat irregularities of surface contour, pigmentation, and some wrinkles. Different modalities can be used to achieve the desired results. These modalities can include; Medical Micro Dermabrasion, Surgical Dermabrasion, Chemical Peels, and Lasers.

Facial Resurfacing



Dr. Roth will first listen to your concerns and goals. He will then gather a brief medical history. This will usually cover; general health, medications, allergies, smoking and drug history, sun exposure, pregnancy, or if you are currently nursing. Dr. Roth will examine you and will describe not only what he sees, but also how it relates to your appearance or other issues. He will then explain what might be done to improve each area. You may not wish to take advantage of every treatment that is available, but at least you can know about available options and what each might offer.

There is a vast range of facial surface problems, and subsequent treatment modalities. Some modalities can be combined for maximal effect.




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Las Vegas Plastic Surgery
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