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Eyelift (Blepharoplasty)

Eyelid Surgery is used to remove fat, excess skin and muscle from the upper and/or lower eyelids. The procedure is great for taking years off a persons' appearance and in making one look less tired, by eliminating bags from under the eyes.

Eyelift (Blepharoplasty)



Dr. Roth will first listen to your concerns and goals. He will then gather a thorough medical history. Past medical events may impact your surgery, anesthesia, and recovery. Current issues such as; medications, herbal remedies, allergies, smoking, drug use, bleeding and scarring tendencies, will be reviewed. Chronic issues, (e.g. diabetes, high blood pressure, auto immune disease), are also important. Specifically, history of dryness of the eyes, prior surgery to the eyelid or eye muscle, or use of corrective lenses of any type are important issues.An examination of both the upper and lower eyelids will be done to determine issues which could impact eyelid aging, such as the effect of the eyebrows and the skin itself. A test of the tear ducts and a vision exam might be done at this time, as necessary.

An exam of your remaining facial features will also be done so as to evaluate how your eyelid appearance is related to the rest of your face. Dr. Roth will explain what he sees and how it relates to how aging has affected your appearance. He will then explain what might be done to improve each area medically or surgically. You may not wish to take advantage of every treatment that is available for rejuvenation, but at least you can know about available options and what each might offer.




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