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It is little surprise that skin damage and skin cancers are increasing at an alarming rate. This damage can lead to a decrease in skin health, presenting as: dull skin, premature lines/wrinkles, uneven pigmentation, skin cancers. An active skin health program of awareness, protection and treatment can help reduce the damage that we continue to inflict on our skin.

Steps such as; avoiding pollution or smoking, staying out of the sun, (especially during its most intense periods), generous use of sun block, (from clothing, hats, SPF sunscreens, mineral makeup), can make a difference. With the decrease in the ozone layer, more harmful Ultraviolet (UV) rays are penetrating the atmosphere, and subsequently our skin. UV-A (Think Aging), UV-B (Think Burning) and UV-C (Think Cancer) all act to assault our skin's health. The steady increase in pollution we expose ourselves to, (i.e. by living in the city, or especially smoking), also has its effect on the skin.

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Dr. Roth specializes in procedures can be done alone, or in combination to yield more dramatic results.The above modalities offer noticeable improvement with minimal down time. They should be incorporated into a long-term skin health program, complete with; awareness, protection and daily treatment can help reduce the damage that we continue to inflict on our skin.

Las Vegas Plastic Surgery Inc., and Las Vegas Plastic Surgery Skin Care Inc. can provide a full assessment and treatment plan for both short-term improvement and long term skin health. The modalities used are only available in a Physician’s office.To learn more, please link to the Botox®, and Facial Resurfacing, and Skin Care Products on this site, or contact us to schedule a consultation today.

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